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Teachers are robots...

...students are comedians

All Work, No Play

I approached a student who was “off task” during a lesson¬†and said, “You should do that on your break.” She screamed out, “YOU NEVER GIVE ME A¬†BREAK!”

We are loved!

We are loved!

"Hey, Oprah is not even dead yet!"
- 8 year-old gate keeper
"My head is so hot it feels like lava but with no side effects."
- 9 year old Pharmaceutical Rep

Perfectly Imperfect

As I was teaching a lesson on quotation usage, I asked the students, “Remember when I read Charlotte’s Web and I changed my voice depending on which character was quoted?” One of my DIVINE students blurts out, “Yeah and you messed up a few times too!” In my calmest teacher voice I responded saying, “Yes I did make mistakes. I am human and I have never claimed to be Jesus and never will!”

"Mrs. So-and-So, my dad farted during breakfast and it TOTALLY ruined my appetite."
- 8 year old Gossip Queen

"Use the Force, Luke!"

Johnny yelled out, “Mrs. So-and-So, Ricky has a weapon in his backpack!” Ricky screamed back, “No I don’t, it’s a LIGHTSABER!”

Love this Dallas Clayton guy…his kids books are great!

Love this Dallas Clayton guy…his kids books are great!

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Check Yes or No

Yesterday I found a note between two students… Boy A: “Are you still my friend?” Boy B: “Maby!!?! I[‘m] thinking.”

"Sra. So-and-So, I like you and [you] give me smartness!"